Dig a little deeper


Jesus left the crowd. He left the twelve disciples. In Gethsemane He even left the three who were closest to Him, went ‘a little further’ and fell on His face and PRAYED, ‘Not as I will, but as Thou wilt.’ It was here, face to face with His Father, that He found strength to embrace the will of God for His life. Today God is saying to you, ‘The STRENGTH to handle this crisis and the WISDOM to know what to do will be yours if you’ll just go a little further, stay in My presence a little longer, and dig a little deeper in My Word. If only you knew how close you are to the answer…..AMEN


Adanma Carol Okoro

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Food for Thought


 Yesterday during nap time God was really impressing on my heart to read and meditate on a certain scripture so I bring my Bible and go into the living room and lie on the floor with the kids and they all swarmed around me like a school of fish waiting for the worm some were asking me what I was doing, some asking what I was going to read to them, and why was I reading it. After answering some of their questions I jokingly said you guys act like you never have seen anyone read a Bible before and one little boy spoke up and said I haven’t, and the others chimed in and I knew they had because they had been with me for some time. that little voice kept ringing in my ear ” I haven’t”. sometimes it is those reminders I need to make me think and be more aware of the very things I personally take for granted, If it were my children and I pulled out my Bible they would think nothing of it because it is what they are used to what they grew up with but there are many that don’t have that available to them. Why do you read the Bible. Because if I don’t how can I teach you what is in it? oh…….The little things make the biggest difference of imprints the heart of a child.


Tammy “Victorious” Mikes

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Trees of Winter


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Sexual Demolition-an epic story of Forgiveness


Romans 12:19 (King James Version)

King James Version (KJV)-Holy Bible

Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine”; I will repay, saith the Lord.

Countless homes and lives have been broken down in the name of copulation.

Sexual Demolition has reached grand proportions in this our beloved nation.

Countless men have left their families in ruin; they just essentially run away,

Leaving the mothers of those families with dual responsibility day after day,

It is reprehensible; good women abandoned, for some trifling hood rat no less.

Sexual Demolition has left too many family units in this dark sorrowful mess.

Leaving a woman brokenhearted and without help is bad enough all by itself.

It is a disgrace that these mothers are left to do for their babies without help.

“What could have happened”, she thinks, “Why was I deserted, left all alone?”

“I gave that man the best of me, now he has out of the blue decided to move on”.

Twenty difficult years had gone by; one day a familiar knock came on her door.

The man at the door looked old and ill; he was not the Mandingo he was before.

As she had opted to allow him in, her 20 years of struggle and hardship flashed by.

Her throat had developed a lump; liquid pain immediately soaked her brown eyes.

Fiery hot rage erupted as she slowly cracked the door to see what that K-9 wanted.

Her children’s father looked gravely ill, his face alluded that his spirit was haunted.

In spite of her anger, like the real lady she was raised to be, she invited this guy in.

She thought silently, “This broken man was formerly my husband and finest friend.”

Before she could get out one syllable, out of his mouth came useless words of regret.

While she felt guilty about it, under her breath she said, “This is as good as it gets.”

With what she saw as crocodile tears in his eyes he said, “Baby girl, take me back.”

“How dare he”, she thought. “All I’ve been through, he can come to me like that.”

His begging and lying tear-filled eyes sent this mother into a boiling untamed rage.

She told him in no uncertain terms that she had moved on, had turned that page.

The same man who abandoned her long ago is unwell now and needs to come back.

The nerve of this man shook her; when he left her she felt like a train off the track.

This man comes back to her when he is broken down; he is unwell and cannot work.

It infuriated her that she had once blamed herself; when he left her she felt like dirt.

Thinking on these things brought fury most foul; it came from a dark ignored place.

Except for the Holy Spirit that resided in her, she would have surely spat in his face.

There was a great deal to consider. Health issues were running rampant these days.

This K-9 wanted her to think he loved her; and to believe he had changed his ways.

She had long forgiven this disloyal man; she had gotten past the treachery and tears.

She didn’t know she would look in his face again in this life; not after all those years.

The woman he had left her for has more than likely kicked his butt to the nearby curb.

She knew that for him to come back to her now was useless; he really had his nerve.

Where was he and did he even care when she was breaking her back those 20 years?

She was blessed to have the Holy Spirit; He calmed her despair, He dried her tears.

In the name of fornication she had been discarded like some old shoe or even trash.

While these memories made her livid, she knew God would not allow anything rash.

This tough woman had given him her unconditional love; she attended to every whim.

She was a bit stunned; at that moment in time she could scarcely bear to look at him.

Sexual Demolition was the name she gave the scandalous thing her spouse had done.

He was in for some distress; he had no idea what he had done to their teen-aged son.

His self-seeking choice to leave them had caused what we know as the domino effect.

His child was unmanageable; he wasn’t fathered and he hadn’t gotten over it as yet.

Flooded with a deep dark anger, he chose drugs and gangs, a treacherous life path.

Everyone in his life, counting his mama had at some point fallen victim to his wrath.

The pain didn’t escape their daughter; she runs through men searching for a daddy.

Promiscuity is her wicked spirit; the young woman is lost; she is urgently unhappy.

The discarded woman was overtaken; these sad realities swamped her in moments.

He had destroyed all their lives; even his; their family was just broken components.

At that point, her heart fractured. Liquid pain welled, spilling wildly from her eyes.

Ignoring the Holy Spirit, she cursed him; afterwards she let out banshee-type cries.

She was fuming now. Her mate’s desertion was the cause of her family’s condition.

What remained is akin to a war zone. The result of his leaving is Sexual Demolition.

She was a remarkable woman who loved God; she loved this man without condition.

She did not have big imaginings; to be the perfect wife and mother was her mission.

This woman was the perfect example of most warm-blooded men’s favorite desire.

This was a woman of great compassion and intellect, full of love and passion’s fire.

Oh, but he thought he could find a better woman; so he secretly searched the hood.

Although he didn’t know it, no one he found would measure up; few women could.

Like a dog in heat, flooded with fresh passion, he left her and the kids high and dry.

Irate and weary, she knew he had no one to care for him. He had come to her to die.

The heartbreak of his deceitfulness had emaciated her previously sympathetic heart.

While she had much to say to him; wordless, she didn’t know where or how to start.

She did not wait for God’s voice though caring for this man may be her commission.

With no concern for his feelings she screeched, “You lost us to Sexual Demolition!”

The choice her man made 20 years ago had turned her to a distant and cold female.

She told him in an evil pitch, “I won’t take you back; so you can go directly to hell.”

Just at that moment the Holy Spirit chastised this woman of God with a vengeance.

The Holy Spirit whispered to her Romans 12:19, she humbly and quickly repented.

She thought suddenly of God’s promise that He would make her foes her footrest.

Calm flooded her, she smiled; secretly she said, “My God will always beat the rest”.

God had won this nasty battle against deceit and all of the other of Satan’s gadgets.

Satan’s objective was to steal her consecrated soul; Jesus said, “You can’t have it”!

Her unsaved husband allowed the dark prince to rule him; her family suffered first.

He stood in front of her pleading with her to reconcile; it looks as if he got the worst.

With tears of repentance streaming, she told her husband that he could come home.

Deep in her broken heart, she still loved him; she thought no one ought to die alone.

This heartbreak could have gone either way. What do think you would have done?

Had she and God not been in accordance, Lucifer would have most definitely won.

Lucifer used one of his many gadgets to endeavor to make off with a sanctified soul.

For eons the enemy has used his evil devices to make one fall so he can gain control.

As usual, the maker of us all was the victor. His spawn was humble and well trained.

Later she asked for the power to endure what was ahead in the time that remained.

She cared for her unruly spouse with love, after all that he had done to cause harm.

She encouraged him to accept Christ; he lastly did that; he died in her tender arms.

The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah brought about massive physical demolition.

Her husband’s choice to forsake his responsibilities created very similar conditions.

Human souls are often demolished by evil deeds; some lose their souls to tragedies.

Two souls were saved during this disorder; sadly, there are still too many casualties.


Sharon Reid Robinson

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Back to Egypt or Stay Set Free

Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free. and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.Galatians 5:1
Saints of the Most High  as we are living in these last days. I have witnessed  many Believers who are walking away from the faith. Some are falling back into those old habits, that they were set free from at one time. It is one thing to fall back into those old ways, but I find many who are deliberately going back to that familiar place. I find that some would rather be mistreated by the devil, than to come up  to God’s standard of living. When they hear the challenge that God is given to live a life of character and integrity, they get angry with God and the Shepherd of the church for even telling them. It reminds me of the story of Moses and the Israelites. when they were led out of bondage, at the first sign of difficulty they decided that they would have been better off back in Egypt, where they were treated like slaves. They had no freedom to do anything for themselves, they had children and yet they were treated like one. That is the same thing that happens when you walk away from God  and back into the hands of Satan. He will take your freedom away from you, in the form of addictions, lust of your flesh, not being able to control your emotions,  putting your trust in man , instead of trusting God who will never fail you. Having your heart broken over and over again. He will have you getting so deep in your sin , that you won’t feel worthy to come to God for repentance. Why would you want to go back to get beat up even harder than the first time? I ‘ll never understand it! Who the Son has set free is free indeed! Saints no matter how rough our road is in this journey with the Lord, it will never compare to the road that Jesus walked to save us from a burning HELL!. It will never compare to the torture that he endured for our salvation, Saints Please remember that Jesus had an Option, he could have went back to his beautiful Kingdom and continue to live a glorious life, But he made a choice to sacrifice His life so that we can have eternal life with him and the Father. So  the Choice is yours Back to Egypt or Stay set free? Amen!

Michelle Pumphrey

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It’s All Relative



There is a guarantee in life that situations will come that overwhelm you…bills you can’t pay, repairs you can’t afford, children who seem to have forgotten all you taught them, etc. Experiencing some of these things may even cause you to feel as if life isn’t worth living. But please understand that though these things take your breath away, God was already aware of the what, the when and the how you would get through it. Try taking a different approach and consider these things in relation to ________. Sometimes to regain your focus, you have to take a moment to step back and reflect on what your “used-to-was” looked like…how God fixed it before…what He promised you. Don’t allow the view of your present over shadow the knowledge of your future. This thing just may be a steppingstone towards that. God uses all kinds of things to bring us to our expected end. Rom 8:28 reminds us of this very thing: “We are confident that God is able to orchestrate everything to work toward something good and beautiful when we love Him and accept His invitation to live according to His plan.”


Judith Williams Sherman

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Irascible Spirit


Your rancid attitude appeared; before I saw the features of you face.

Irascibility and harshness have filled your life with absolute disgrace.

It matters not if you’re in error; or if you are completely in the right.

There is never a valid reason for destroying everything in your sight.

Everywhere you go; there is a vigorous volcano of sweltering anger.

There is something fractured within you; that always speaks danger.

The lack of repentance you display makes you appear sorely ill-bred.

The barrenness within your heart has really cluttered up your head.

You are someone that I care for; someone especially precious to me.

Some of the blame is mine; for a long time I pretended I did not see.

Closing my eyes to your hostility; not finding the heart of its reason,

These are my unintentional betrayals; I plead guilty to this treason.

The judgment has been published; I am as guilty as a common thief.

I know God can fashion miracles; I didn’t take action on this belief.

All the anger and belligerence; your scanty attempt at masking pain,

The disobedience in your existence brought about this dark acid rain.

The lord of torment is your master; your mind, his favorite plaything.

The only passageway to God is Jesus; the divine savior; our holy King.

Call to mind your pain; remember all the unclean things you have done.

Now, seek to envision the day that Pontius Pilot crucified God’s only Son.

It is not your past actions that matters; it is where you go from right here.

A single stroke from Jesus’ adoring hand; will make past things disappear.

You were badly treated your whole life; seasoned for harvest by perdition.

Acknowledge to Jesus your transgressions; in true and humble submission.

The malice of your essence will be cleansed by Jesus Christ’s crimson flood.

Jesus suffered for the opportunity of recreation; making wicked things good.

What a great design our God has drafted; He did it in order to save all men.

Irascible spirits are thrown out; expulsion begins when Jesus’ Sprit enters in.


BY: Sharon Reid-Robinson


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