The Puzzle


She sat down to build puzzles,
The little girl in white,
And each time she tried,
She found something not right.
There was always one piece
That didn’t quite fit.
She put it aside,
But she never would quit.
She’d take out another,
And each time she did,
There was always one piece
That didn’t quite fit.
When she finished the puzzles,
She looked up and grinned.
She had a bag of mixed pieces
That just didn’t fit in.
She dumped them all out
And examined each piece.
She discovered together,
They built a masterpiece.
I’m much like those pieces
That didn’t fit in.
Till I connected with Jesus,
Till I stood beside Him.
Because God has a puzzle
With a place for us all.
I’m part of His masterpiece;
His Kingdom,
My home.

Lucinda Berry Hill author of devotional “Coffee with Jesus.” ©

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Our Greatest Weakness is Our Biggest Excuse!


When I was at the gym a few days ago there was a sign that said, “Our greatest weakness is our biggest excuse.” That saying can apply to so many areas of our lives. What’s your excuse for not being where you want to be in life? Please spare yourself the troubles of blaming the lack of success on someone else. If your dreams or goals are going to come to pass, it’s up to you. God empowers us to do things. So, He’s not going to physically come do the work for us. Jesus said, “Greater works than these shall YOU do.” Please don’t say you’re waiting on the Lord to do something that He already empowered you to do. Get up and stop making excuses. Your destiny awaits. Shalom-


 Jamie Pendergrass

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I Hug My Savior


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Decisions, Choices…


Sometimes we come to choices in our lives where we have to choose to act or not. Decisions, choices, what do you do when you get that feeling God really wants you to do something but for whatever reason you are like no not today or really so you begin to seek God and compare options. The road God isn’t trying to lead you down is a road of against all odds, not practical, might not even be acceptable in the world we live in to day so everything will point away from God’s direction. We have a choice to make…. God is wanting us to get to a place where we follow Him no matter what, even if it leads to physical death. ESTHER had a choice to make stay comfortable in her place as queen and keep enjoying the luxeries the benefits. Hiding behind her well kept secret as she was a Jew or approaching the King on the behalf of her people and save them. It wasnt an easy choice for it was against the law to go to the King especially unannounced, but if she didnt her people would die. We will face some of those very kinds of choices and more than likely those will be life defining moments. Life changing moments. Are you will to accept when you are a child of God you may make decisions that could very well cost you your life? I had to have God re examine my heart and repent and let go of some things that would interfere, that would hinder my thought process, that would cause me to choose a different path. We have to choose paths sometimes that death may be and ending result would you still walk it? That is the thought for the day. Notice the last words of the scripture below. “If I perish I perish”
” Esther 4:16 AMP

Go, gather together all the Jews that are present in Shushan, and fast for me; and neither eat nor drink for three days, night or day. I also and my maids will fast as you do. Then I will go to the king, though it is against the law; and if I perish, I perish.


Tammy “Victorious” Mikels

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God’s Got It All


He’s got it all in the Palm of His hands
He has our lives, burdens, trials, health,finances,
family, jobs,families, he has it all!
God’s got it all
So,  release those things that try to weigh and burden you down
The scripture says in Ps 121
” Look to the hills, where our help comes from”
God’s got it all
We realize or should realize our help does come from God.
He said he would never leave us nor forsake us
Trust him today
Continue to pray
God’s got it all
If you pray why worry
If you worry why pray
Trust and have Faith in God today
What are you waiting for do it now!
God’s got it all
copyright© 2011 by Cheryl Thomas

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Budget Cuts


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Give Your Heart To Jesus Not Men

Has your heart ever been broken? How many times? Several times you say? By who? Thats not important. Try this, take that of yours and give it to Jesus and say this words, ” Lord Jesus steal my heart , hide it and let no human being ever steal it again”. Now watch what the Lord will do, your heart will never be broken again. Men/women will come , and will try their usual games-lying and pretending , they will not be able to break. This heart was broken several times,so severely wounded,you thought it would never heal. But thanks to Jesus,who repaired it when I said those words. Nobody can break this heart ever again because of no access to it. When Jesus holds your heart, you will love even your enemies, and you will only speak love. Praise God! Blessings!


Mercy Amulele

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